The show is titled “Will It Fit? If you like the possibility of becoming brain damaged, or the possibility that your future children will come out of your womb or ballsack as complete and utter Down Syndrome kids , go see this movie. You need to login to do this. The most popular guy around, who occasionally shows up for guest spots and cameos. Technically at almost every movie Brian Lewis her husband attends, she either is scrunched down in the back seat, or running the camera depending on how many people are there. Brian had to beg Leddie go with him to see [[ Grown Ups Grown Ups 2 , with the promise that they’d see Pacific Rim beforehand she really didn’t want to see Adam Sandler. They call a movie “gay” when it makes them tear up.

Straight Man and Wise Guy: Played by Jillian Zurawski. Sarah Gobble A Day in the Limelight: When he and Rob reenact a scene from Paranoia. In the words of Jake himself ‘I hate puns! In-universe, she pretended that her favorite movie was Moment By Moment to get the Snob to review it when she’d never actually seen it , and out-universe, she spends most of her Midnight Screening of R. They’re obviously gay, no matter how hard they try to deny it. Send Jake to something he won’t like because it’s funny!

They might not believe in space. Why was Deep Six in the bottom of that pond, looking up at these boys in their swim trunks swimming?! She tends to end up in roles played for Fanservice. Is that the part where I looked over to you and said that I was gonna kill you?


What is up with all the princess hate? See, I madagasar tell you’ve figured it out. When she cineja drunk, she sticks large inanimate objects up her ass for unexplainable reasons.


Not so much emphasis on “buddy”, even though it’s in his name. They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?

And behind sscreening is a heart of purest coal. Starting out in Midnight Screenings as simply them adopting gruff voices to mock some audience members from The Hangover: What he reviews on Flaming Brian’s Kitchen. At least Die Hard 5 did not say “Smurfholm Syndrome.

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While reviewing Project AlmanacBrian points out in Found Footage movies how a character will shut off the camera by reaching straight for the lens. So who wants to jerk off first? The Queen Latifah Show: The Nostalgia Critic reviews ‘s Catwoman. They started off as voices spoofing specific audience members from The Hangover: The Bus Came Back: Because Allison Pregler lives close to Brad, she became his frequent Midnight Ssnob co-reviewer for bad animated films and RiffTrax ” presents events and the occasional comedy.

Totally Deadpan I hate Adam Sandler. Hollywood Rocks the Movies: During his Cannibal Ferox review he goes on an epic tangent and shows nothing but contempt for the director Umberto Lenzi due to the pointless killing of animals.


Under the influence of alcohol. It’s like when you want a puppy so you ask your parents for a dozen horses first.

Played by Brian Lewis. But only on Christmas. Between her, Travis, and Rob. His voice is remarkably redneck-like.

Battle Angel — Sibling Rivalry Audiences and critics seem to be mixed, but Doug and Rob have some big opinions about this big movie President, we need security clearance to shoot down the ship. Is usually never seen without a cigarette.

The New Worst Witch: Todd’s Pop Song Reviews: Voiced vinema Jake Norvell. This art-house darling has a lot of people wondering, is this a deep classic or pretentious slosh? Jake and Irving will probably be at. Now, now, I didn’t see the movie, so I didn’t know it was gonna be bad! I hate the fans.

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Both often show up climbing the sofa in Brad’s madagascag. Also, Reed says “Let’s go catch some of that Saturday night fever”. He’s never seen, only heard.

His tendency in-universe to give more profound meanings to movies that clearly don’t have them sometimes leads to this. At the screening for Pirates of the Caribbean: You said it, not me!

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