Thursday, March 31, at 1: If she can’t forgive Mustafa how could she forgave Kerim. Pablo comes to the hospital. He leaves with Murat. I know I’m not the only one. The recaps by you and novelera have helped me keep up with the novela even though I haven’t been able to see the episodes for about a week. And while I don’t condone violence, Mukaddes deserved it.

I wouldn’t miss it if I were you. He is told that everything was the same as always: I figure that either Betty or Adriana will have a miscarriage, but it would just be too coincidental if they both did. Eva Deb, loved your recap. I can’t understand the bad ratings this show got here because it doesn’t deserve them. Mukaddes has no choice but to leave.

Juanita and I do our best to stay on top of this. Friday, April 1, at 3: You would watch febduary repeat their scenes especially how Kerim gently kisses her hands throughout the show. We again see Soraya go after Robert after he slaps Bobby, and Pancho punching him out.

Kadir follows Rahmi and tries to convince him not to make a hasty and angry decision.

It’s a story that shows the difference of the culture of Turkish and all the Muslim countries about what it’s considered ethical and moral, the importance of the honor and reveals a social and cultural problem of the country about the woman abuse.

This sends Kerim into another fit of laughter. The picture shows a large red heart with what looks like a happy girl in the center of the heart. Ffbruary they watch telenovelas?

I get this is not everybody’s cup of tea, you may like a different type of show, but I can see when something is good quality even if I prefer other things and this series certainly is above average by far, especially in the acting department. Wednesday, March 30, at 1: He points out that this will bring them no money.

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Ive always 0213 she should pay 4 setting up the bribe and forcing the fatmaguk and bullying Fatma. But it’s the only language that works with Mukaddes, so I’m fine with it.


But I was as relieved as Kerim was that her anger at him subsided very quickly. He only wrote that letter to punish me for the rest of my life. I don’t feel like he and Fatma have spent enuf time on this issue Beren Saat and Engin Akurik have great chemistry.

Mehmet is just as love-struck as he was the last time.

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Tuesday, March 29, at 5: In last two episodes there’s many flashback creating confusion,could be shown in present form after returning from honeymoon. The other woman asks if she was speaking with Fatma, and she denies it. Kerim tells her that Fahr told him the same thing, and that they had a father-son talk for the very first time.

You insisted in ruining everything. If want to duct tape Gardenia’s mouth shut. Dont know the law but interesting that Selim stated they could have already finished the prison term by now had they faced their origional crime in the beginning. Here is my answer — I do. He then calms down and tells her to look in the usual places, and call him with any news.

Eva and Pancho talk business, he’ll be the investor, she’ll run the show, no need to add Mogollon to the business name, because later he will sell her his share, with interest of course.

Anf jealous Fatma is too adorable. I missed this epi but devoured every morsel of your recap, it was funny smoothiesshut up ladyexciting and riveting. Now that the noose is tightening, even she is trying one last time to keep her menfolk out of prison.

I just read a synopsis on Wiki Diego is upset that Fabi episose came back. During a Skype call with Deniz, Kerim looks a bit uncomfortable when Jenny comes on and asks to speak to her husband.

She got busted and was still spewing lies and saying she knew Fatma would change. She goes on to point out that everyone dies, and sometimes people die in unfortunate accidents. Fahr calls him and they decide to meet at the workshop, where Kerim episove going to interview apprentices, to talk fatmxgul Mustafa. That bit about not telling baby Murat about who is father was had me rolling my eyes far back in my head.


The Curse of Fatmagul! He’s certainly creepy enough. In some parts the acting is really bad I start laughing especially with the crying and the facial morphisms of “Kerim” the actor is trying to hard I too found it somewhat confusing.

Marlene is on the phone ranting to Andy about Armando’s absence, she will make 28fh pay for this, as he walks in the door, straight to his bottle, then towards the stairs, where WERE you she demands, you can’t tame me Marlene, I won’t be your fool Tuesday, March 29, at 2: Eva wow, thanks for the summary novelera!

One for pictures, the other for comfort. Armando goes to see Pancho in his office. I had a look at the first chapter fatagul realised I’d come across a gem just by chance. Rahmi gets home and tells Mukaddes how ashamed he is by her behavior, and wonders what she has against his sister. The scenic epieode of Istanbul is mesmerizing.

After Adriana comes out of the bathroom, she lies down on her bed, still feeling a bit ill. That would seem to be the only way he could be redeemed as a character.

Robert bulks at Andy’s price for bugging Pancho’s house, but agrees, Bobby sees Andy leaving the office and wants to know what’s up, was his dad’s secretary hitting on him he knows Robert plays dirty. There eepisode nothing wrong with the show evolving from suspense to romance. Your son is free because of me…I did what I thought was right for everyone!

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