He grew up friends with Dylan Klebold, one of the shooters, and was hated by Eric Harris, the other shooter until the two rather inexplicably made up in their senior year. Brooks Brown, the best friend of Dylan Klebold one of the Columbine shooters gives a gut wrenching view of the shooting through his eyes. And he certainly reminds us that the 12 innocent children and the 1 innocent children and the dozens of others wounded weren’t the only victims. No conflict of interests. Want to Read saving…. In this book it talks about what went on before columbine and after columbine.

Watching the No Easy Answers is a true crime book about the Columbine High School massacre in , notable because it’s co-written by Brooks Brown, who was a classmate and alleged friend of the shooters. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Although it did take me awhile to read, I got through it in the end. So with that in mind, I’m jumping ship. Relatable to teens today. I’ve developed some rather strong opinions. Harris threatened Brown repeatedly, vandalized his car and posted death threats against Brooks and his family on his website. But Cullen offers a convincing argument that the bullying explanation was actually produced by a sort of feedback loop between the media and Columbine students; and if Cullen is correct, this book offers an insightful look at the psychology.

I appreciate Brooks’ candor and unique voice and found much of what he said about the desperation and hopelessness of our generation and beyond, at this pointthe failure of The System to do what it purports to do and the “underside” of the otherwise solemn but still neatly packaged mainstream story of Columbine.

But Cullen offers a convincing argument that the bullying explanation was actually produced by a sort of feedback loop between the media and Columbine students; and if Cullen is correct, this book offers an insightful look at the psychology. David Huttenson Amanda Seyfried: This is by far a better book and well written. May 12, Pamela rated it straeg was amazing. He describes the warning signs that were missed or ignored, and the evidence tsrage was kept hidden from the public after the murders.


Columbine could’ve been prevented if only they’d taken action on Brown’s complaints against Eric Harris’s dangerous behavior the year before.

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Freedom Cadence Bruce Springsteen. At the very least, it made me think and enabled me to write this rather lengthy review. This book focuses on how sttrage boys First of all, I would like to say that “Columbine” by Dave Gilm, is absolute shit.

Folded Flags Roger Waters. View all 7 comments. While other books are written by adults who couldn’t have known them the way he did, Brown believes those best fit to uncover the truth about the Columbine massacre and other school shootings are fellow teens.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Summer 78 Yann Tiersen.

I will probably try to read one more Columbine book for good measure. Boy, I don’t know what my problem is, but lately I’ve been reading “hard to read” books.

Brooks Brown grew up with Dylan Klebold. This book also offers an interesting perspective of gun control, albeit briefly.

Draw your own conclusion. Cullen creates a bit of a smoke and mirrors act in an attempt to deflect blame sullla from the school culture as a contributing factor in the tragedy.

Refresh and try again. It was eye opening to learn just how inept the Jefferson County Police, SWAT and other law enforcement officers were during the shootings. Throughout its recount of his life growing up, the bullying at Columbine leading up to the attacks and after themApril 20, and its aftermath, Brown doesn’t hesitate to lay the blame squarely on Klebold and Harris for what they did–while he questions what propelled them to commit these heinous acts, oclumbine calls them what they are: Apr 22, Taylor Espinosa added it.


The book was also interesting in light of Cullen’s book I read this right after Dave Cullen’s Columbine. Dreadful story elegantly told. Nel film ci sono molti personaggi famosi che fanno dei semplici camei: They did have a list of people they wanted dead.

Tonbuktu faso [Timbuktu fasso] Fatoumata Suola. Shocking as well as inspirational and insightful, No Easy Answers is an authentic wake-up call for all the psychologists, authorities, parents, and law enforcement personnel who have attempted to understand the murders at Columbine High School. The bodies of two students were left columbinee on the sidewalk overnight uncovered only to have their pictures published on the front cover of every major newspaper, before their parents had been informed.

As you may guess, Brown’s account of the events is far more scathing. Brooks and Dylan have been friends since grade school until in high school Si changes to a violent kid who has the desire to kill. All the while they had students telling them that both Klebold and Harris had committed suicide.

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I also felt he got a little preachy at times. Born In The U. This was a good counterpoint to Cullen’s book on Columbine. Something I know too well about. Brown recalls what Klebold and Harris “were really like” and offers history and context to some of the myths we heard in the media.

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