Ok, I’ve never read the manga, but by the looks of things, some of the captains and lieutenants will be fighting one another I see Byakuya, Renji and Ichigo running together. I always liked the manga, but I haven’t gotten around to seeing the anime yet. The novels have been adapted into three separate Anime television series and were illustrated in accordance with the Anime art style by Shiki Doujii. Now if you have never seen it in the original japanese voice, you would get “Come here, hug me”. Ahh thanks for telling me that, my neighboor has the 2nd movie and I could have watched it unknowingly.. D But yes, it was very good.

D the one next to ubuntu box I think that that one is a Logitech Elite, mine is the cheaper that i ve found in the store.. Say what you want, that’s creativity right there. However, Manga tend to be more true to the original language. Where can you watch Full Metal Alchemist episodes with English subtitles? You’re only at level 3? The problem is that I’m not terribly good at drawing. The anime is awsome until the Necro-Rise arrive. Wow, Ishida went postal in more ways than one.

The music was so horrendous I felt like my ears were going to pop out and explode. Tenchi Forever sequel Tenchi Muyo Movie 2: Always, Stand by Me Part I. His horn being a chain like weapon we can see that on the next chapter’s preview? I don’t recall the part you’re talking about. I’d like to see an anime of that genre but don’t know wich one to get.

I m not too dumb as pink, but he was my favorite char in this cartoon Imo, you should give it a shot for a couple of fan-subs and see how it comes out. It’s translated correctly there. Ahh thanks for telling me that, my neighboor has the 2nd movie and I could have watched it unknowingly. I’ve not read the manga, so I’m not sure how similar it is.


That’s 4 I’ve stumped you on. The Animated Series Iron Man: Season 1, Episode 9 – Full Metal Panic!: I saw that around the same time I saw El Hazard. You know, the frontal ones that come in pairs? Vampire Hunter D – just because of the initial scene where the group of vampire hunters own everyone.

The manga’s even more disturbing look at the link below: Now that were having a sane and civilized talk about fansubs, I think you all would be interested in reading if you already have not these two ANN editorials about Fansubs and BitTorrent back when BT was basically in diapers What the heck does being bad at drawing have to do with posting scans from the manga O.

That and Nemu’s devotion to the 12th squad’s captain is scary. You are successfully logged out. They might make it once they finish the light novels or Sigma. He’s -IMO- not that cool of a character, and a captain killing him would make anyone -even Inoue- mad enough to act berserk.

Kid with a big sword that slays monsters left and right. They spent 10 years of developing the movie Up until now the oldest Japanese animation was believed to be Shimokawa Hekoten’s “Imokawa Mukozo the Doorman,” frombut this newfound animation, on 35mm film, could be as much as ten years older.

That anime was by far the best I’ve ever seen. I do follow naruto. Didn’t take long for you guys to judtdubs off-topic, did it ;? So it’ll be a while a few years before a fourth season is produced.

Gimme action, adventure, comedy, and ecchi! I always liked the manga, but I haven’t gotten around to seeing the anime yet.

I vaguely remember an anime that was made by one guy and his wife on a mac. Love Hina is great. During all this the launch is happening.


Help out the slow kid, what’s Bleach about? Create Account Return to Login. Mayuri Kurotsuchi the guy with the weird hat and pale and black face is a very disturbing character This one’s great for a nice “sit down, relax and get ready to laugh as hell”.

Just finished Bleach Season 1, Episode 10 – Full Metal Panic!: If Lunar decided to to include the phrase “Death God”, I wouldn’t like to get another one that uses “Shinigami”. But, like I said, it’s eppisode a while.

My Anime Addcition

When i have the time to order, it’s Robert’s Anime Corner Store http: The thread dies down when the downloads finish, and then pick up again when everybody’s done watching. It’s got this epic air battle between the teams of scientists building the space craft and the government who wants to see them fail. Epsiode Natsuki, a part time lecturer at the Osaka-Tokyo University of Arts and Music found the frame film in an old family projector in Kyoto amongst a collection of foreign animation.

Couldn’t you like, call a cab or grab your keys?! Can you not see the Kubo Tite signature on some of them O.

Is their a English Dub of the Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid OVA?

FMA – Deserve everything that won. I think I should simply download anime that I like, pankc it and then buy a legit copy so as not to screw the producer of the stuff. What series got all y’all into this. Can you post a screenie of B-S’s sub?

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