The United Nations Security Council passed 14—0 Resolution calling for a ceasefire, largely negotiated between the U. What is m question is the noun that. Rather than quieting public discontent, the report—which “had stressed that it was judging the ministers’ responsibility for security failings, not their parliamentary responsibility, which fell outside its mandate”—inflamed it. Just hours before the attack began, orders went out for a partial call-up of the Israeli reserves. Air Force cargo airplanes on October 14, [] although some equipment had arrived on planes from Israel’s national airline El Al before this date. According to Shazly, within six hours, fifteen strongpoints had been captured as Egyptian forces advanced several kilometres into the Sinai.

Bookings are to be made from 24 March to 31 March and tickets must be issued within 3 days upon confirmation of booking or by 03 April. Egyptian naval frogmen also raided the oil installations at Bala’eem, disabling the massive driller. Two days before the outbreak of the war, on October 4, the Egyptian command publicly announced the demobilization of part of the reservists called up during September 27 to lull Israeli suspicions. On the Golan front, Syrian forces received direct support from Soviet technicians and military personnel. Soviet warships in the Mediterranean were authorized to open fire on Israeli combatants approaching Soviet convoys and transports. The next morning, October 23, a flurry of diplomatic activity occurred. Also on the west bank, in the second line, were an additional tanks for the defense of Cairo.

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After the failed conference Henry Kissinger started conducting shuttle diplomacy, meeting with Israel and the Arab states directly. Israeli commandos from Shayetet 13the Israeli Navy’s elite special unit, infiltrated the Egyptian port of Hurghada on the night of October 9—10 and sank a Komar-class missile boat after four previous attempts had failed. On the other hand, the fact that the attack was launched on Yom Kippur may have helped Israel to more easily marshal reserves from their homes and synagogues because roads and communication lines were largely open, easing the mobilization and transportation of the military.

Sadat declared that Egypt was prepared to “sacrifice a million Egyptian soldiers” to recover its lost territory. Six people were held particularly responsible for Israel’s failings:. First, it was assumed correctly that Syria would not go to war with Israel unless Egypt did so as well.


At this point, the Barak Brigade was no longer a cohesive force, although surviving tanks and crewmen continued fighting independently. Two companies of the 75th Mechanised Infantry Battalion, arrived in the morning, of the same brigade were sent to the southern sector.

With strings attached Singer-songwriters are not all a melancholic bunch. The Shre prepared for a massive counteroffensive to drive Israeli forces out of Syria, scheduled for October This turned into an operational surprise, as the Iraqis attacked the exposed southern flank of the advancing Israeli armor, forcing its advance units to retreat a few kilometres in order to prevent encirclement.

It was covered by a continuous tank ditch, bunker complexes and dense minefields. Five Israeli missile boats heading towards the Syrian port of Latakia yonis, sank a Syrian torpedo boat and minesweeper before encountering five Syrian missile boats. The problem will be to relate the Arab concern for the sovereignty over the territories to the Israeli concern for secure boundaries.

There were Israeli tanks in all of Sinai divided into three armored brigades, [] and only one of these was deployed near the Canal when hostilities commenced. It knew that the Egyptian Second and Third Armies would attempt to cross the Suez Canal and advance ten kilometres into the Sinai, followed by armored divisions that would advance towards shoge Mitla seriess Gidi Passes, and that naval units and paratroopers would then attempt to capture Sharm el-Sheikh.

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Others countered that Syria had strong defenses—antitank ditches, minefieldsand strongpoints— and that it would be better to fight from defensive positions in the Golan Heights rather than the 19 terrain deeper in Syria in the event of another war with Syria.

Attacks on SAM sites punched a hole in the Egyptian anti-aircraft screen and enabled the Israeli Air Force to strike Egyptian ground targets more aggressively. Discount for church f J Repatriation case worldwide.


Another Syrian attack north of Quneitra was repulsed. Though most heavy fighting ended on October 28, the fighting never stopped until January 18, During the last week of the war, Egyptian frogmen carried out three or four raids on Eilat.

A ceasefire was signed in August The fighting lasted for more than a month and saw heavy losses on both sides, but the Israelis held their positions.

The aircraft proceeded to cross the whole of the canal zone, the naval ports of the Red Sea Hurghada and Safagaflew over the airbases and air defenses in the Nile deltaand finally disappeared from radar screens over the Mediterranean Sea. At least Egyptian tanks [] [] [] [] and some armored vehicles [] were destroyed. General Shazly strongly opposed any eastward advance that would leave his armor without adequate air cover.

Several minutes before the ceasefire came into effect, three Scud missiles were fired at Israeli targets by either Egyptian forces or Soviet personnel in Egypt. Short of supplies, the Israeli government reluctantly accepted a cease-fire in place on October 12 but Sadat refused.

The ganida forward elements moved to the Abu Sultan Camp, from where they moved north to take Orcha, an Egyptian logistics base defended by a commando battalion.

Yom Kippur War

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A coalition force operation freed one Briton and two Canadians early yesterday m a military yonkix, ending a four-month hostage drama m which an American among the group was shot to death and dumped on a Baghdad street earlier this month.

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