BS Part 1. If the voltage falls below 5. All the representatives I have spoken to over the last 6 months have always gone the extra mile to ensure what we require we obtain at super speed. In order to obtain the thrust required it may be necessary to repeat steps 2 to 7 above. Smiths Medical International Limited reserves the right to make changes without notice both to this publication and to the product which it describes. The main difference being that the In-line pressure sensing system is not available on the , i.

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Simultaneously press the following three buttons: The main features of the are: Plunger clamp plate Fit the self adhesive half-round plunger clamp plate to the left hand side of the plunger clamp. This retraction takes place when the plunger clamp is physically swung into the forward operating position.

Graseby 3100 Syringe Pump

A short circuit has occurred on the membrane switch panel during power ON self test. Brief mechanical characteristics of the system are: When the pump is carrying out an infusion, to ensure that electrical safety is maintained only items of equipment that conform to EN are to be connected to the RS connector situated at the base of the pump, otherwise patient safety may be compromised.

Take care traseby to unduly bend the new switch panel or its flexible cable loom. The In-line occlusion pressure monitoring made the pump particularly suitable for use in intensive care baby units.


If necessary, adjust RV1 to give an AC voltage across the 68 ohm load, dependent on the temperature, as shown in Table 4. If your order is xyringe longer than expected or you want to find out when it will arrive, please contact us. Once tripped the latch cannot be reset by the Main processor but must be reset by a high pulse by pressing the Grasby button. The drive system comprises a stepper-motor working through a gearbox in order to rotate a leadscrew.

The display shows sytinge delivery up to a maximum of 2 ml of purge.


Align the top edge and sides of the panel with the top and sides of the case recess. Fraseby this extra volume of fluid must be allowed for when initially filling the syringe and purging the system. The Slave processor also runs a software watchdog which checks the Main processor. Disconnect the AC power connector and using a scratch free flat surface, turn the pump over in order to gain access to its base.


The display will show the following: The outer surfaces of the pump can be cleaned by wiping them over with a damp cloth soapy if necessary. Rotate the outer rim of the gauge to set both dial indicators to zero.

Illustrated parts list Figure. The brand of syringe selected will be retained by the pump until graaseby Configuration mode is called up again and a different brand is selected. The motor, gearbox, leadscrew and associated components are mounted on a glass reinforced polycarbonate casing. Choose from a wide range of shipping options. Smiths Medical does not guarantee performance of the pump if syringes other than those listed are used.


Although there is battery backup in case this happens, the battery may not be sufficiently charged. Safety features braseby been built into both the software and the hardware.

Simultaneously press and hold down the following two buttons A new main circuit board and new software allows the to interface with the Diprifusor module. Lift the SSF and support tubes assembly up and away from the pump.

Graseby Syringe Pump – Andway Healthcare – Care Home Supplies and Equipment Solutions

Disconnect the flexible cable loom connector, PL6, from the Main board. It had a totaliser, a limited infusion capability, a built in pole clamp and was designed for vertical operation.

Remove and retain the two screws that are inserted into the stainless steel bracket on the base of the pump. Remove the faulty assembly. Regulator board circuit The Regulator board circuit is shown in Fig. Set the pump to infuse at a rate of