When she walks in, she notices an object and as she goes to see what it is, she falls through the floor and gets stuck halfway between the second story floor and first story ceiling. Retrieved May 10, He eventually escapes by jumping into a wagon of pigs, and begins to make his way back across the country, still hoping to sit next to Tenma before the day is done. The series aired in Japan from March 7, to March 26, Member feedback about List of Nova episodes: He tries to explain himself, but only fuels the misunderstanding when he says he would not disappoint Yakumo.

Though dumbstruck by his mistake, Tenma relights the fire inside of him by asking him to continue attending school. They are fairly evenly matched, but since both are occupied with the fight, Sara asks Akira, who has short hair, to act as the groom instead. However, upon returning, she spots Harima alone in the room. Tenma encounters Karasuma defenceless in a corridor and is unable to attack him, even though she knows her team are counting on her, Moved by her chivalry, Karasuma was shot and out from the game which she moan over his defeat before being shot in the head. Mayhem brings Ryan to his gym and decides to let Ryan punch him in the head which he describes as annoying but not painful. Before the new school term starts, Itoko convinces Harima to take his animals to the Yagami Shrine, despite the high risk of them being discovered there. Quin began training as a professional wrestler in June

Hqrima wanting to tell Yakumo the truth especially as she gives her lunchboxes every day to refill her energyTenma just spends her days sitting in a swing, depressed, and eating to the point of putting on weight.

At his home, she notices how much his characters look like him and Tenma and, even though he nervously tries to fool her, she accurately deduces through the storyline that he may have feelings for her. The rumors start flying about Harima and Eri being together.

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She thinks of going on their date the next day, but suddenly receives the news that a last-minute practice wrestling match was arranged for her the same day. Tenna even knew about Harima’s love but has novgreat feeling to give him back at all Finally, Imadori leads Mikoto into a cave eeri off the shore, just so he could be alone with her in there. Hoshi ni Negai wo!


I always pretended to be Lita. Finally, Imadori leads Mikoto into a cave far off the shore, just so he could be alone with her in there. Harima is out of the game, but accepts his loss gracefully after establishing that the two of them are set on different goals.

You will rarely take any of this seriously. Eventually, however, she meets an older student whose words actually match his actions due to his unusual sincerity and honesty: Kokuhaku no Toki wa Araibaru! In the end, the marriage interview was cancelled. Hanai, who asks her to join the martial arts club so he can see what she looks like in a hakama.

At the start of the new school year, Tenma wishes with all her heart to be placed in the same class as Karasuma so she can one day express her love to him.

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And the Great Uprising! As it turns out, Harima was saying that of Yoshidayama, whose wet hair brought it from its usual upright state to common long hair, and was tied in pigtails. Still during summer vacation, Eri and Tenma are doing their summer homework at the latter’s harimz, when Eri, out of the blue, asks if Tenma has ever erii a man’s body, having remembered her embarrassing run-in with Harima. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Noticing the imbalance between the teams, Itoko fends him off and he retreats.

The class are issued with replica weapons. Taken to hospital with minor injuries, he is visited by Tenma bringing flowers. He rides to meet her on a motorcycle, but has an accident on the way after unintentionally crossing a red light. However, he boards the wrong coach, and to his embarrassment, finds himself being fussed over by a shipment of grannies from an old people’s home.

This is a complete list of episodes from the anime series Nad Data Squad.

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As Tae tends to Harima, he makes a decision: Once exams were over Mikoto finally explains how her date went with Asou. However, she makes an offhand comment about Mikoto just as she arrives.


While there, he is forced to do chores for the pirate-like sailors and their hulking captain. However, they are the first people he spots when he goes talking to Tenma. Harima, obviously, goes for the one he thinks is made by Tenma – which turns out to be the most poorly-made among them it crumbles after he plucks out a piece.

They then later meet up with Nara’s friends who were the ones courting Tenma’s friends and, as they ask them out on a date, the girls proposes a challenge: Top television lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of superlatives Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Incomplete television lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Yakumo arise from the bed, which shocked the audience including Hanai. She asks Yakumo to model as a bride, but can find no-one but Hanai to take the role of groom. And the Great Uprising! During breaktime, Tenma goes to use the toilets, but is startled to see Karasuma outside.

Yakumo leaves the house early the following day, carrying an extra lunchbox. Arriving at an alley, he sees a figure preparing to leave on a bike, with a wake of downed punks.

The courage test consisted on heading for a temple past the woods and grab a lucky charm from there. As lunches get all mixed up and messages follow suit, what are the odds that the well-fed couple finally find true love? He reavals eeri that their trying to lure them into their territory, so they can launch their main attack where the girls are defending.

He rides to meet her on a motorcycle, but has an accident on the way after unintentionally crossing a red light. Before Tenma’s eyes, Karasuma beats Harima handily and confesses hariam he fabricated some of Tenma’s memories to facilitate his infiltration into Earth, and during his investigative duties, he fell in love with her.

When Eri gets to the place, she is shocked to find out Harima is also there, who is just as surprised.

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