Shock, anger, heartbreak, fear, confusion and, of course, complete and utter betrayal. Season 5, Episode 7. Saturday, September 14, The story of Aayan and his part in the terrorist network was a very grey story that showed how networks work and that the most normal of people can inadvertently get caught up in terrorism. Read the Nominees WSJ. Season 1, Part 5. Beckett finally decides to connect with Castle so she catches up with him at a book signing.

Sunday, October 13, Spy drama another FX winner”. Did you do research about prisoners of war who had been tortured? If you have any questions or would like to suggest a show we should cover Send a line to spoilerjunkie hotmail. Monday, September 30, Sunday, September 22,

Tagged RevengeSeason 3Spoilers. The Trumpinator WSJ. Elizabeth and Philip’s marriage implodes after Philip briefly reunites with his former Soviet lover Irina, who tells him that they have a son named Mischa serving in the Soviet military.

After starring in cop show Life, he was nominated for a Golden Globe this year for his role in Homeland, a psychological thriller in which he plays Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody who, after eight years in captivity, may be a sleeper agent for al Qaeda. Meanwhile in the States, Carrie reports to Dr. Tuesday, September 03, TV Spoilers Aug 23, Cluband Grantland. Matthew Weiner Addresses D. Retrieved February 23, Arkady creates a plan to ensure the summit is a success and Gorbachev is safe, sending Oleg back to the United States to carry out the plan.


Click here to subscribe. Season 5, Episode 8 WSJ. Exfiltrated Martha tries to adjust to life in Moscow.

‘Homeland’ Season 5, Episode An Intelligence Expert Weighs In – Speakeasy – WSJ

Philip arranges the murder of an FBI employee who then is framed for the spying in order to protect Martha who discovers that her husband is a spy, though Philip omits that he works for the Russians.

Sunday, December 15, He throws them both out of the fire station. It has to be said that Lewis has done all right by forswearing the showier roles — for which a finwle school contemporary of his, Ewan McGregor, plumped from day one.

Tagged BonesSeason 9Spoilers. For the third season, see “The Americans: Retrieved March 31, Retrieved March 5, — via Twitter.

Season six takes place three years after the events of season five. Season 5, Episode 5 WSJ. In the middle of season three, Philip and Elizabeth reveal their true identities as Soviet agents to Paige, who ultimately travels to Germany along with Elizabeth for a secret visit to her ailing grandmother.

‘Homeland’ Season 5, Episode 7: An Intelligence Expert Weighs In

The reality is that mostly they’re just people going about their lives. Music News Aug 26, Homeland Season Four Finale: Posted by bonniekgoodman on August 30, https: When Calls the Heart. Damian Lewis “actor, dad, redhead and ping pong champion”.

Texas Award Was a Fraud. For the fifth season, see “The Americans: Maybe it’s a teenage horror movie, the kind where the biggest danger, in the end, is already inside your own house”, referring to coming-of-age Paige becoming disillusioned, discovering secrets about her parents.


In the end, I realised they knew so much about me, I let two of them run a fan site. Retrieved December 13, Retrieved January 8, Once Upon A Time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Some reviews were not as optimistic. Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Wednesday, October 02, The presidential crackdown continues with a death in custody as Carrie fights the power and the resistance begins to gain strength.

About 84 results for Homeland: Weisberg says the CIA inadvertently gave him the idea for a series about spies, explaining, “While I was taking the polygraph exam to get in, they asked the question, ‘Are you joining the CIA in order to gain experience about the intelligence community so that you can write about it later’—which had never occurred to me.

Friday, October 18, Music News Aug 24, Get some clues with a video preview and a handful of spoilers. Her hand is shaking and Esposito and Ryan come in and take homelane the bad guy before anything happens.

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