That was pretty awesome, and a neat start to the year. Great way to end the year. Am I the only one here who didn’t like the sudden change of feelings that Taichi had? And when I finally get into it it ends in two days? Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. I guess the mystery of Heartseed will remain unresolved in the anime at least.

Does anyone have any idea what is the name of the sound track used when Taichi was talking to Iori while unconscious? So glad the best girl in the show won, love Dereban! I would really like to see the next phase of this show, but there isn’t much hope. I really hope so becasue the Eclipse Project episodes just started I had to read till the last 2 phrases to finnaly realise what anime is it about XD. First and foremost it’s the arc where Kaneki and Touka are becoming better friends. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni is pretty good aswell, but the story is more fcked up than normal gore animes I got bored, okay?

Dat Tokyo Ghoul though. BR teacher is 2pro4u2beat: Inaba showing her emotions like that and being with Taichi now Still felt random and out of place, IMO. Can someone tell me why Sora no Otoshimono Final hasnt aired yet? More hilarious thing is this I suppose: She was just stressed out?

That moment when i find a good roamance anime that has all the elements of romance I always knew that Clannad is kokoeo Ecchi. episdoe

In the end, she was overthinking things just like Himeko noted. Great end to an amazing series, TaichixInaba all the way!

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Casual friendship connfct teasing blah blah: And we learned absolutely nothing about Heartseed at all. I usualy already know what will happen for example the parts with ultear and that clocking revolving 1 min in the new ft opbut I still find it annoying qq.


Not particulary looking for gory anime atm, just watching the ones that are interesting. Inaba x Taichi are so adorable!! I thought it was strange since she didn’t seem like that kind of girl. There were some moments I felt like crying because you can’t help but connect with the characters on a personal level if the same events occur in your life without ever realizing it. BBCode Modified by shanimebib, Dec 31, 9: Does that mean if someone tells you to “die” they mean to “roll the dice”?

Tenth one really would be the last?

Sekiryuu Seneki Charlotte Cardfight!! She was going through alot of changes in her life but that should give him more reason to be there for her and he was, but suddenly everything just changed. SPOILERS nope, he is dhia playing a male character but since avatar models are randomly generated for the players at the start, and kirito just so happened to get a rare male avatar that has this feminine look.

Although Hitsu’s skin turned dark like Bamby’s, unlike the other shinigami c: Am I the only person who cnia that Dressrosa arc is way too long?

The guy with the knife is truly stupid and crazy. Hey whats up long time no see.

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Overall, I give Kokoro Connect: Hoping there’s a season 2 somewhere down the line, but if not then I’m satisfied with this at the least, it gave a good sense of closure. Lets talk about the wrong translation. I need you, you need me.

Meanwhile in Kubera, a manhwa that by the saying of the author should also have a romance tag I had to read till the last 2 phrases to finnaly realise what anime is it about XD. I gave my life to your machines.

Welp it’s still oke. Akame Ga Kill is good too. A Guy works at a advertising epusode and one day coming home from work he meets a Girl.


Body Swap still remained my favorite of all Kokoro Connect though. I am so damn happy! Speaking for myself, it was alot more appealing than Corpse Party, since last one was so easy to predict excluding the end, where the guy gets killed. I saw this trailer, connct first episode.

Here I fixed it for you: Perfect Anime to end with.

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As a series I give it a BBCode The chip in my mind, it summons me. I respect this show alot, I really do, it even made me rethink about the way I’m living my life right now considering all of the life events that I went through, because of these last few episodes. But I really can’t respect how the world Love is just thrown around so much. Yea its like a 1: I don’t think the simply minded Taichi understand Iori even at the end.

Iori back to where she started; it is like it never happened! School days,clannad afterstory,kimi ga nozomu eien also And that I laughed too at the presentation when Yui outed them in front of the entire school. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Its not so old only 24years but i just wanna know if its worth to watch a “rapid-fire pop culture references and more farcical nature. There is still 5 more novels after the end of this arc.

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