Geet Gets Angry at Maan Dev and Nandini search Geet Jugnu gets to know the secret Dadimaa comes to visit Maan Geet Gets Angry at Dev Geet goes to office at night Spilt Coffee and Spilt Milk

Geet leaves the house Maan and Geet leave for Delhi Birj Attempts to Kill Gurvinder Geet and Maan argue Geet told to confess her love Beeji is proud of Balwant Geet gets a gift from Maan

Plan to End the Family Tiff Geet Gets Angry at Dev Maan tells Geet that he is free Geet tends to Dev Dev Wants to Surrender Maan plays a prank on Geet Maan sets out in search of Geet Geet works on the file Beeji is angry at Geet and Maan Arjun Is in Love Reena Reveals the Truth Arjun and Anvesha Unite Maan is smitten by Geet Maan and Geet leave for Delhi On the Dance Floor Savitri Devi fakes illness Geet and Maan hide in a room Geet faints due to fasting Dev Flirts with a Stranger Geet and Maan in Manali Maan and his secretary Arjun Does Not Believe Anvesha Geet’s complaint Irks Maan Maan teaches Geet driving Arjun plans to harm Geet Geet offered a job Maan loses Khurana Constructions Dev confides in Maan Dev foes to Amritsar Maan gets locked in the room Dev and Geet talk in private Geet drives the truck Nandini and Dev find ways Dadima punishes Maan and Geet Dev’s Secret Marriage Planned Geet enters Maan’s room Nandini fights with Dev Geet falls down the stairs Brij’s proposal to Maan Nayantara Is in Hospital Geet leaves traces for Maan Be Careful with My Heart.


Geet thanks Dev for his help Geet is separated from Maan Nandini slaps the union leader Reena Blackmails Dev and Lucky A Client Flirts with Anvesha FamousFix content is contributed and edited by our readers.

Daima refuses to abort Geet’s baby

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