This house is very creative and has some unique effect rooms that you have to experience. She aspires to one day be a media broadcaster and hopefully be the next Katie Couric but until then she can be found in her spare time at Starbucks, singing in the car, or getting her nails done. I get to interact with guests and my cast is always trying new things, which makes it fun. Who is your favorite character to work with? If you change your location to Orlando in the sites, you will see people who are selling tickets in Orlando and these are always cheaper than getting them directly from Universal. The bottom line is you will get scared at Horror Nights so be prepared for the scare.

The Games of Jigsaw. Be cautious though, when making purchases from these sites you have to meet the sellers, I suggest you do this with a friend and you let someone else know what you are doing beforehand for safety precautions, you should always be wary when meeting up with any stranger and always bring a buddy along with you. If you don’t get the R. I’ll see you there. Who is your favorite character to work with? Step inside if you dare and try not to get bitten because if you wake them up, be prepared to face a savage, bloodthirsty beast.

These realistic traps are hard to imagine let alone watch, as people are being forced to torture themselves or else face a tragic death. I could be sent to any scare zone or any house. I’m in a sorority at UCF and I think that is what really prepared me for the working world. So go ahead and join in on the fun and make your way through this terrifying original scare zone. I love all the characters. Now, if you want to go in every single house, ride, scare zone and see every show in one night, this is a necessity.


Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Halloween Horror Nights 27 | Her Campus

Another factor to think about is purchasing an Express Pass for the day. My experience was unforgettable, and I highly recommend purchasing this tour if you can.

If you know that one particular house is probably going to give you nightmares then maybe avoid going through that one. What is the most challenging part about your job?

Behind the Scenes at Halloween Horror Nights with UCF’s Shauna Turnmire

I’m constantly meeting new people and learning new things. Tour or also known as the V.

So, without haoloween ado, here is a complete detailed list of all the houses and scare zones you and your friends can experience this year at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 27 as well as some behind the scenes information and photos to get you the inside scoop. If you don’t get the R. Some of them add this to their character, which also makes it like a little inside joke to me, and I love it.

The great thing about Horror Nights is that you can kind of make your own agenda. I also get to see how the event has progressed throughout the run. Rachel is currently a senior studying journalism with a double-minor in political science and cinema studies at the University of Central Florida.

This house is the most aesthetically pleasing by far with a realistic paddle boat and swamps that even feel like wetlands when you walk. My advice to anyone who wants to attend Horror Nights is to give it a try but also know your limits. As always, the best for last. I get to interact with guests and my cast is always trying new things, which makes it fun. The jump scares in here are something to look out for.


Behind the Scenes at Halloween Horror Nights with UCF’s Shauna Turnmire | Her Campus

This house is based on one of the highest grossing horror film franchises of all times: But being a part of the magic of this event makes all of those moments seem trivial. I report to my supervisor to see if any coordinators or assistant stage managers need ,dc help.

Throughout the Asylum portion of the house, you will experience multiple scenes from the hit TV show as well as come face to face with the famous serial killer Bloody Face himself! Most of Rachel’s writing focuses on breaking news, politics and entertainment.

I was also blessed to have been given tickets to both tours offered for HHN. As you encounter the witches, the horror and the murder continues to grow.

Hop aboard the paddle boat yourself and try not to get eaten by any alligators lurking in the surrounding swamp.

This works the same way with my cast.

Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About Halloween Horror Nights 27

The actors are constantly developing their characters and their storyline and the coordinators and assistant stage managers are always prepared and have your back in any situation. You first enter the hotel with Jack already starting his descent into insanity and continue to follow his downfall scene by scene. You even get to make your way through the maze to make it out alive.

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