Appa is in a delusional state and shuffles between reality and the great personalities he had once portrayed as an actor on the very same stage. Here is a list of some applaud-worthy dialogues from Natsamrat: Jagava ki marava, ha ekach sawaal aahe. And not to forget the painfully cliched depiction of the characters of the daughter in law and the son among others. Amrutachya sari barsalya kay karu re mi ya kshananch? Moreover, we, the Indian audiences are suckers for melodrama and often accept the same happily. Among the other actors, Kulkarni and Barve leave an impression, but are let down by their ill written roles.

To be not to be…that is the question..?????? Appa is in a delusional state and shuffles between reality and the great personalities he had once portrayed as an actor on the very same stage. Are vedya tuzya sarkhe karmayatri mhanze ya dharevarchya mansanche dipstambha ….. Retrieved 17 January They move to their son-in-law and daughter Vidya’s place. Mag viskatlelya hadanche he saapde gheune he karuna kara…, aahmi therdyani kunacha payavar doka aadhlaycha re…. Keyur Seta January 12th, – Deepjeevani January 23rd, –

You may as critics can write pages of analysis……but as critic to your own writing put few lines dialob accept greatness of this movie. Eka bajula jyanna aamhi jamna dila tya aahmala visartaat. The tropes, scenes and moments that work in a play, may backfire in a film.

Keyur Seta January 4th, – Aditya, Some characters were half baked for a reason they were not needed. Jagava ki marava, ha ekach sawaal aahe. Atul February 29th, – Intent on living a peaceful life post retirement with his wife Kaveri Medha ManjrekarBelwalkar gives away all of his property to his children Makarand Ajit Parab and Vidya Mrunmayee Kulkarni.

I see people enjoy it and anything related to it. But even then, if the makers have not taken efforts to update it with times, then it is sheer foolishness on the part naysamrat the makers. Being a reputed and acclaimed stage actor, Belwalkar is expected to mentor the lead actor and endorse his acting, writing talents or the lack of it. Share your Thoughts Cancel reply Enter your move here Family Comes First Vaah! Use dmy dates from February Use Indian English from February All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from March All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Track listings with input errors.


I am also told that though parental neglect was an important constituent of the play, it largely dealt with the decline of an actor post an illustrious career. Ani karava sarvancha Shevat ekach praharana… Maza… tuza …yacha. And a comparison with Baghban is a fault of the film and not the play, since they have not made an effort to update it to the current times.

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Mhunun he bahurupi kapta, tu ashi jaaga na shodhta aaple hidiis roop smitvadanaana zhaakaava hech khara. Comments 55 Trackbacks 0 subscribe to comments on this post.

Even I agree that Manjrekar often takes a good subject and messes up natsmrat it. But we can’t deny the role of V V Shirvadka aka Kusumagraj original play Kiran Yadnyopavit and Abhijeet Deshpande’s richly creative dialogues in helping this Mahesh Manjrekar film reach such a high level.

Nana Patekar brilliance reminds us what Bollywood is missing out on”. Appa is destroyed by this loss. Mag viskatlelya hadanche he sapale gheun.

Natsamrat movie dialogues | Natsamrat famous dialogues | Nana patekar dialogues

Baiko mhanje bandar asta navra navachya jahajasathi…. So many of the characters including that of the Neha Pendse seems straight out of a done to death TV Serial. Their son-in-law, Rahul Barve Sunil Barve is a high ranking engineer in his company and is of a caring nature. Khara tar aamhi kunich zalelo nasto. Song Lyrics Adda collects all old natsameat new song lyrics in one place.

Natsamrat movie dialogues | Natsamrat famous dialogues | Nana patekar dialogues – Song Lyrics Adda

Kuni ghar deta ka ghar Nana patekar dialogues Natsamrat movie dialogues Natsamrat dialogues Dialogues from Natsamrat Natsamrat famous dialogues Kuni ghar deta ka ghar Nana patekar dialogues. They move to their son-in-law and ,ovie Vidya’s place. The film is a tragedy about a Shakespearean veteran theatre actor Ganpat Ramchandra Belwalkar a. Well, Aditya I feel you did not understand the depth of this movie.

Mauris dictum libero id justo. In several of his interviews, Nana Patekar has often spoken about Natsamrat being a dream role and one he desired to do someday. Viv1 July 9th, – Retrieved from ” https: Mahesh Manjrekar after Kaksparsh again has taken up a good subject and spoilt it with his loud direction.


Mvoie Sairat broke Natsamrat’s dialot and became the highest-grossing film in Marathi. Your review looks unnecessarily critical. I fail to understand why do films including the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Baghban this film may remind you of Baghban at several instances which deal with the issue of parental neglect, resort to depicting the children and especially their wives as such annoying stereotypes.

In other words, can I get a translated version in Hindi or English? Vidhatya… tu itaka Kathor ka zalas????? You are commenting using your Facebook account. The film received praise for its portrayal of the angst of an aged veteran theater actor. Fact is the story is as old as the hills even if it is based on a great play and similarly your refusal to accept that shows your immaturity as an audience member. In todays so called modern culture — I felt this story you can find in your neighborhood easily.

In one of the scenes, Ganpatrao Belwalkar Nana Patekar is watching a modern day adaptation of a Shakespeare play, the name of which we are never diallog. Bec v hv already seen nana playing that role mogie b v interesting to see how bachchan wl play that role. Eka bajula amhi jyanna janm dila te amhala visartat …ani dusarya bajula Jyane amhala janm dila to tu hi amhala visaratos??? Just because the film is based on a great play and contains some great performances, do not overlook the flaws in the film which includes an overload of cliches and melodrama.

There is no harm in making the issue of parental neglect the mainstay of the film, since it is an issue which exists in our society even in this day and age. Siddharth also arrives there as he was following Appa.

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