We see no connection, and he’s certainly not a wealth of charisma. It sucks that this happens but some times you just need to put your foot down and start throwing the ban hammer like Thor throws mjorlnir. Raz Mataz as Party Goer. Chic Daniel as Police Officer. This movie is seriously like someone took the Smashing Pumpkins music video for “” possibly the best cruising song, I would argue and expanded it to feature length. He is an insufferable character and a transparent combination of Superbad’s McLovin’ and Jonah Hill’s character. We’ve all had the fantasy of throwing an awesome party, a revelry of youthful exuberance, and cutting loose.

I know I did. And then there’s the fact that she so easily forgives of Thomas after he makes an ass of himself and tries to hook up with another girl hours after sleeping with Kirby. Or maybe it’s just a clear indication that this movie fails on any level to make me care about these moronic, annoying, unbearable characters. Briana Mari Wilde as Party Goer. Sophia Santi as Hispanice Neighbor. This time I did.

Post Share on Facebook. If she wants come back, we’re here. They invite all the popular girls at school, spread word via radio and Craiglist, and hundreds descend on Thomas’s family grounds with the intent of partying harder than Andrew W.

The only thing your working on is diabetes you fat fuck. Seriously, not one character, not even a minor character, raises any issue with someone casually recording a place where men are undressing.

Julian Evens as Party Goer. I despised this one like the gorumz, and if you want a better party oriented film, watch Superbad, at least that one had great jokes, a good cast and plenty of terrific chaos that actually was hilarious.

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This is one film that never should have been made. Henry Michaelson as Freshman Party Crasher. Mar 3, Rating: The film is crude, obscene and void of genuine laughs or good entertainment value. Maybe it’s a sign of getting older; maybe it’s just the culmination of my upstairs neighbors playing heavy-bass electronica music at all hours of the night when I have to work in the morning.


The party mostly consists of two-second shots of people jumping around, girls shaking their asses, people smashing things, people vomiting, and the occasional boob flash to remind you how similar in tone the film is to the sleazy Girls Gone Wild series.

Unoriginal, unfunny, and all-around unattractive, Project X mines the depths of the teen movie and found-footage genres for 87 minutes of predictably mean-spirited debauchery.

Project X (2012)

Oliver Cooper as Costa. I remember thinking this was just another x rated sonic game but playing this you see this is really well done and you feel the love and work that went into this. Any updates that do occur will be posted on the forum, however will not be compiled into a release. Congratulations Project X, for it was you who cemented the death knell of my youth. The Zeta Team If you have any concerns or questions about the future of the project, forum, site or discord chat, please post them in here.

Did someone find a colorful bulb? It is simply a passion project that became so much more. If you buy the soundtrack and why wouldn’t you since it’ll be ringing in your ears for days and do some pseudo-inebriated dance movies, you’ve basically recreated the plot in your own living room.

The whole movie runs on the caffeinated, fist-pumping highs of unchecked male ego and fantasy, but it’s trying so hard to be c most epic party ever, and that’s the only ambition the film has. And then there’s the fact that she so easily forgives of Thomas after he mobie an ass of himself and tries to hook up with another girl hours after sleeping with Kirby.

Zeta needs rest, a hiatus and it’s fine. I understand that this entire enterprise is untamed male fantasy and wish fulfillment. Come on Costa, there’s like people here!


So when these twits are off celebrating the wanton hedonism unleashed in their backyards, I thought of the neighbor with a baby who just wants his kid to sleep. It’s like the movie forgets he even exists.

Women are to be ogled.

Alexis Knapp as Alexis. Over the years we have had issues with people stealing code and assets, false DMCA takedowns, and targeted abuse of developers, staff and community members. R for crude and sexual content throughout, nudity, drugs, drinking, pervasive language, reckless behavior and mayhem – all involving teens.

Dax Flame as Dax. Shame some people may or may not have been abusing this free gift and labor of glorious perversion. Chet Hanks as Party Goer. You want to know how flimsy the plot is for this monstrosity? It’s not been easy, but I appreciate all the help d support I have had from this community over the years, I would not be where I am without you or the team.

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Congratulations, Project X, you’ve turned me into my parents. Good Lord, if this stuff made the final film what was left on the cutting room floor? Big Formuz as Himself. Already have an account? The women of this universe, which is supposed to be our own remember, are merely walking toys ready movoe be exploited for male entertainment.

The film could have been much better, and it just ends up being a pointless mess from start to finish. Alex roy Super Reviewer.

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