She requests Danny to receive Anushka in the bus stand, but Danny refuses with the excuse of factory visit. Kabir understands that it is pre-planned to make him attached to the girl. Blogger Comments Facebook Comments. The women come and asks Saras not to send kids to the school, as its not safe. Kusum served food to Danny. She says she will wear yellow color. SaraswatiChandra is driving a car in full speed, while Sunny looks on sitting beside him. He takes a pillow and sleeps on the sofa.

Kusum brings Dada ji to a room and closes the door. Jodha Akbar 20th October Written Episode Scene 1 Jalal and jodha comes to the venue, all greets them, they sit together, priest prays Back in India, Kumud sees the drawing and smiles.. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Danny asks Badimaa for some food. Danny and Kabir come to help him. He says it might be, as you are so silent, I have not seen you like this before, speak up, fight with me, say something.

The women come and asks Saras not to send kids to saraswaticuandra school, as its not safe. Kalika comes to her and asks how are you. If I m not here, everything will be fine.

Saraswatichandra: 27th May; Kumud-Saras To Stay Apart For Longer! (Pics)

Last updated May 27, Kusum says the fuse wrktten off. She sees the incomplete photo and stares on seeing his eyes, the photo stops downloading as the server gets down. Clear My notification inbox. Kusum is unable to breath and faints. His eyes had honesty in them, and somewhat I felt pain in his eyes and I want to share that pain. She says he is not good in Maths but later gives him the chocolate. Kumud pulls Kusum out of the fire episdoe asks her to open her eyes.


Saras goes to Kumud and Kusum looks at him. He says he received an email on the computer. He asks about the meeting. Kusum brings Dada ji to a room and closes the door. Kusum is still going mad.

She says Badimaa always scolded Kusum to make this right, she tastes it and says its very nice.

Badimaa brings tea for him and asks him to leave after having it. Vidyachatur says once this school matter ends, you guys go. Kusum thinks what to do and she smiles seeing Kabir. Kusum sees Yash and asks hows your friend now. She burns herself igniting fire in her room saying you are free from me now.

He says fine and comes to the bus stop.

Wrihten says whose email you have received. SaraswatiChandra doesnt slow down, and says Why should I accept I cant, and applies the brake. She tells him everything.

The scene shifts to Dubai: Welcome, Login to your account. She cries and says Kusum is unable to live her life. He says we are much happy together, but this did not happen with Badimaa, Sraaswatichandra did not forgive myself for that, but Badimaa tries saraswatichandrx stay happy, I pray the same for you.


Kumud is in a trauma. Kusum takes the ointment and throws it. She makes him eat and he says Kusum makes the sheera better than you.

Kusum calls Kumud and asks about Danny. Kumud says I m going to her, when will you come back.

Saraswatichandra 27th May Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

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Scene 1 jalal is angry and says not a single word for my people, i will cut your tongue, he picks up his sword, jodha shouts no, jalal stops She asks Kusum to give her ginger tea. Badimaa asks about Kumud. Saras comes and is shocked to see the fire. Join or Log Into Facebook.

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