It’s time for him to deal with his past in a more constructive manner. Choi Chul Ho Supporting Cast. Like it’s upsetting me that these two will inevitably get back together, because at this point Ae Ra can do sooo much better. I think it’s because she’s got full lips which the makeup artist is trying to tone down with concealer. That’s a nice interpretation of that scene. My favorite part of this whole drama has to be Jung-woo the Nerd. The flashbacks in this episode.

Joo Sang Wook gained himself a fan for life. Kim Yong Hee Supporting Cast. I just keep thinking I’ll wait for the last episodes. Let me venture a guess for their divorce And hopefully those teenagers, as me, managed to grow up a bit. Thanks for the recaps! CaroleMcDonnell March 22, at 3: I see people saying that the writers sacrificed Baby Guk’s character because he and AR’s relationship working so well was detrimental to people wanting the OTP together, but I don’t agree with that either.

You should watch Smile You wow, this was my first kdrama with 45 episodes but it was so worth it!

The cutest kdrama I have seen in ages. Although I think Song Seung Hun is smexier.

Episode 13

Not for the first time, I notice how large Jung Woo’s head is. He was the only member of either family whom I liked without reservation. If you like romantic comedies, some dramas you might try where I thought the leads had good chemistry that may have even made up for a weak story line are. Couldve been a beautiful journey too, but it just became messy. She is super beautiful, as the wedding pics at the end attest; as did the flash back of her being Exam Town Madonna.

I was actually kinda hoping that they would find happy endings apart from each other. I stopped watching Emergency Couple because of all the medical stuff yeah, i know Though I kinda like Kam Manager, I also wish he would utilize other expression rather the “duh” look he constantly put on his face.


Three cheers for a second chance at love! There have been a string of good female protagonists in dramas lately and I really like Ae-Ra.

SH’s character always came across to me as spoiled and manipulative. At work, the mobile shopping team is in the middle of a staff meeting, and Ae-ra is bewildered by all the English business terms that Team Leader Wang and Song-hee use. He rushes to the DonTalk headquarters, ready to save the day.

I’m thinking she’s going to guilt trip him and probably try to make Ae Ra out to look bad. Ae-ra scoffs that for an IT leader, this proposal is surprisingly low-tech. Joo Sang Wook gained himself a fan for life. Javabeans March 22, at Pasta4Me September 3, at 9: They didn’t grow as a couple so I wasnt totally convinced they should go back together.

Retrieved May 21, I didn’t think about that, but that’s a really lovely touch indeed. You know what i love the most about this series? That was a lot. Yum Dong Hun Supporting Cast. This is especially true of the younger generation who does not remember the women’s movement of the 70’s and what it was like for women before then.

I absolutely loved AAMR! I think the drama perfectly potrayed that when you actually married for love and just bc you didnt get any kids out of that marriage, it doesnt mean all ties are so easily cut; wherein being widowed isnt just as easy as being single again. They were both annoying.

Kim Yong Hee Supporting Cast. Even though Jung Woo and Ae-ra will be the end game, –does anyone really think the seconds leads have a chance?!

I’m waiting for that and for CJW to get on his knees and beg forgiveness. I especially like Secretary Gil’s interaction with JW. I also disliked how they made the Guk family so irritable because they had to be irritable. It was a small part of the episode, but I enjoyed Jung-woo having a team of supporters.


How in the world did her brother become Gwa Jang him in JW’s company? Seung-hyun arrives, bringing Ae-ra back to the present.

CaroleMcDonnell March 22, at 3: Absolutely love this OTP. They get their happy ending in the house they dreamed of together.

Lee Jung Gil Supporting Cast. She angrily adds that epksode order to survive the jungle of the workplace, you have to eat your rivals before they can eat you. Your email address will not be published. I miss this drama They are seated together at a small table on the lawn with cake, a bottle of wine, and the model of their dream house.

I think of it like my child, in that I despaired whenever I saw it heading down the wrong path, yet I defended it rabidly against its detractors and always tried to singoe its idiosyncrasies so as to place it in the best possible light. They both started off hard on Ae-ra, but grew.

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Oh Joo Sang Wook please stick to rom coms for a while. It’s time for him to deal with his past in a more constructive manner.

Her family and Song Hee left out of the final eps. Or maybe I’m forgetting some specific moment that made epksode say this. He was kicked out, but I thought it was the next day she had the miscarriage. Didn’t like the heirs, 3 days was quite a disappoinment too. He’s never going to be satisfied to be a civil servant no matter how secure and well paid. What can I say?

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