The things we do to be great smh. Hope you can agree with my predictions. What shows you may ask? See you guys next post! The year has been a good year for me. His latest content has one of my favorite radio personalities on his AskGaryVee show: Check out these two skits where the April Fools joke is played on me.

Blount can still run strong in the trenches along with a lil footwork. Check it out below. I myself play the young single role on the panel. Basically, I was a fan of his football game! Johnathan Hankins DT- Big body at lbs and can move well for his size. Be sure to read previous posts and stay up to date with BYOD! Her most recent record “Little Sabrina” tackles the consequences of young teenage girls wanting to grow up too fast.

Hope you can agree with my predictions. I was able to ask him the BYOD question: My weekend consisted of shooting some sketches and shooting my scenes for the webseires “Doggish” I think that’s how it’s spelled that I’m involved in.

Carson Wentz didn’t throw deep often last season but look for Wentz to try and elevate his game with Jeffery in the lineup. King Dunlap LT- Standing close to almost 7 feet and weighing pounds, King Dunlap is a monster at offensive tackle and has skills to go with that height and weight. I could tell Deray wasn’t in a interview mode but I had to ask him at least one question. Comment what you learned from the episode below! As a host for the official aftershow I can say that it’s been fun but painful to watch.

The Jazz slipped their way into the 5 spot with a solid season led by Gordon Hayward who’s averaging a lowkey 21 ppg.

This premiere was the best premiere I’ve ever attended hands down! Whether it’s 2 followers or dollars. Nick Mangold C- Was arguably the best center in football a few seasons ago playing under Rex Ryan, but has left in search for a super bowl.


Click the link below and enjoy! My co-hosts are able to give a great perspective because Constance is married and Kellz ddotmen been married and now single. I do believe westbroojs is such a thing called Black Privilege. Anyway, that’s just how the entertainment business is. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. It’s falls right in line with the BYOD message of changing a negative into a positive. See you guys next post! With westbroo,s without Durant, the Warriors are still dangerous.

And, I was for sure doing the money dcotomen whenever Aaron Hernandez scored a touchdown or did a big play. I distinctly remember first meeting Red Shaydez during my freshman year and she shared her passion for music with me. Stay cool and let me know what you thought in the comments!

All right, rap fans the rap game is about to go back to its normal state. The web series dditomen being filmed now and I’m excited for you guys to see it soon. About a hour later we dddotomen the following video. And, I’ll talk to you in another post! Cole released the visual project for his westbgooks album “4 Your Eyez Only”.

He’s not afraid to ask the awkward questions that listeners would want asked. Hence, why I’m so thankful for the readers of this blog because I remember when I was the only one reading my posts. The 25 year old has been a starter for just one season and in that single year he was graded by pro football focus as the ninth-best cornerback in football last season. I discuss more of the topic on the Aftershow below: This episode can serve as a great tool for anyone looking to begin their brand.

grown-ish Episode 3

After filming I had an issue in post and ended up losing the footgage shots. We must appreciate where we are now and still strive for more. He also asks the most rediculous questions because he understands crazy questions will increase views and clicks for his platform. I’ll tell you why I also have have an aftershow to do today so that’s what my day is looking like. Hes coming off another injury in his career and the last major one transformed him into a savage for the next season, crowning him the MVP at seasons end.


A new week of possibilities are ahead of you and I.

Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 3 – NEWS |

The Spurs have a championship caliber roster along with a youthful image this time around led by superstar Kawhi Leonard. The show opens many doors for you whether you win the So So Deff contract or not. It really is a shame because there are shows that educate their audiences on business, health and wealth, and other useful life tips on air that don’t receive the same viewership as this sorry excuse for a show.

Being a faithful Power Breakfast Westbrools listener I’ve watched Charlamagne rub people the wrong way but that’s what makes him so unique.

It’s helped me a lot and I know it can help you too. Check it out in the footage below. This past weekend was cool. I am lucky to have been able to share my college years with Red Shaydez. Huge bounce back in free agency for the Pack as they couldn’t reach a deal westbroiks TE Jared Cook, who had a great past season.

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