You have got all the typical characters, and scenes with it. Moreover, yes, they are chick-flick. I really don’t recommend this one, unless you don’t have anything else to watch. The popular guy is still in love with the girl from his childhood, but he cannot quit his playboy ways. Cher and her squad will make you feel good. They should have kept the story line within 30 episodes. When I watch dramas like this, I pity the actors and actresses that have to play such characters, but they are getting paid for it, so I do not feel bad anymore.

Somehow, thanks to drama gods, they are linked by past events, and people surrounding them. A historical drama that might captivate anyone’s heart. I am sorry that these girls were not able to have an incredible and peaceful experience. The male character is beyond my wildest dreams. Cher and her squad will make you feel good. Things get out of hand, but don’t it has a happy ending. However, I wanted more.

I’ve always wanted to live in a small town like that, but I guess some dream will always stay dreams, won’t they? Why attack someone so viciously?

A historical drama that might captivate anyone’s heart. Because no one will ever know who murdered the girl. As the title says, she’s never been kissed, and she has not had the ideal high school life. We watch dramas because of its unrealistic approach to this sad real world. If I could re-write this drama, I think I would have given it another spin.

Click Here or Click Here. Moreover, yes, they are chick-flick. Wallace Huo, Yang Zi] 2.

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Misunderstandings begin, puenglarng you ready? If you’re the type of person that enjoys an open ending, then watch this drama. This drama is all about a misunderstanding that happened at Love O2O – This has to be my favorite drama of all times. Wait, I’m missing something. Is he trying to satisfy others? I really don’t recommend this one, unless you don’t have anything else to watch.


If you do not like open endings, then tread carefully. Cinderella times three, anyone? I seriously recommend this drama to everyone. The male lead’s older brother is in love with the female lead, while the male lead is in love with the girl who is in love with the older brother. I think this series deserves a weekend long marathon, don’t you agree?

It really is feel good movie.

Toomtam Yuttana Puangklang

As someone that was not raised in U. Thank you, misunderstanding, because without you there wouldn’t be any dramas for me to watch. He immediately chases her, but she is scared, she does not know the man. In nights like this, I am terribly grateful for toomtwm, for I can watch so many stories from creative minds, that might have taken place, but I’ll never know.

It’s a mix between virtual reality and reality. Why did the writers puengklagng such pitiful and dumb leads? This is a classic! In my opinion, they should have shortened the amount of episode, and given us a better story flow. How could some things be possible in this series? I couldn’t believe how fast they spoke. Can’t wait to watch the four episode series. For example, the girl forgiving him, but not getting together with him.

You have guessed it! The hardships and the lack of technology are things that we don’t take into account.


It’s an average story involving French. Things get out of hand, but don’t it has a happy ending. Everyone wants to be entertained, and keeping an audience entertained is all about being dramatic with conspiracies and rumors. But these kids make it seem so natural. Cher and her squad will make you feel good. I felt that this Lakorn had no story line whatsoever. If you are up for historical dramas with romance, then this might be your cup of tea. However, I wanted more. The mother’s lead that opposes the union, and all the common factors that you would expect in an Asian drama.

Better Man – Why do you had to be so long? I understand the female lead is into art, but why be so gloomy? Unfortunately, there has been many cases were the bullied commits suicide. I can only daydream, and my dream is to re-write this drama.

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There were some events that made no sense. A conceited girl punished by the heavens to learn true humility and transforms into a bird when the sun goes down.

Hey, don’t judge, let me live a little! However, an ugly teenage underdog loves one of the girls; he uses his secret admirer skills to cheer her up.

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