One thing I would like to see or hear is a new song added. Bae Soo Bin Main Cast. Its jang ok jung is the real evil. Eww, ugly mental image. Seo-young is still trying to take everything in, and she has no choice but to take her leave. They talk about Seo-young and how she just left without explaining anything, and Mama Kang realizes that betrayal is not the only thing that you are left with when you are deceived. I didn’t see where it was posted that the lead actor in Baker Kings over acts, but that have never been a truer statement.

Save my father, Woo-jae-sshi. Whether we end up with puffy eyes.. Dong Yi, for me, is a virtuous woman — who is a model for all women. Thank you pinkblossom…i super cried with episode 49…thanks to your translation i was able understand the story before watching it on-line…. He finds his way to their home and watches from behind the telephone pole as Seo-young and Woo-jae walk out, hand in hand. That can be seen because he demoted her from being Queen in and also sentenced her to death in Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

Lee Hee Do Supporting Cast. Email required Address never made public. Jung Sung Yoon Supporting Cast. I’ve just watched the 6th episode.

Where can I watch Dong Yi? He bequeathed a palace residence to her where she was moved when she became ill.

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March 1 st is a Korean national holiday. Dong yi for me is the most unforgettable movie ive ever watched. At the end of the episode, it showed Sukjong walking with Dong yi. Dramacrqzy, I told you to go home.

Dong yi buyomhhwa

I read in other page he probably died of botulism I believe of botulism. The episode historical drama is looking at a episode extension, according to peisode source with MBC. Her wisdom and intelligence shined on her interaction with others.


Conversations can be shortened, and superfluous ones can be eliminated entirely. Her children stood and blessed her, and the king sukjong praised her.

My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 49 | Carrotblossom Patch

He rescued Woo-jae-sshi because it was Woo-jae-sshi, and he ran away because it was Woo-jae-sshi. Sukjong died in and then gyeongjong reigned and then Yeongjo If you want to know the real history of the characters I suggest you to look for information, in internet you can find plenty of webs where you can look up. Removing junk like this is Writing Wrong thats prince yeon ing aka king yeongjo who took over the throne in after gyeongjong died.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. So, the drama is fiction, as nobody knows what really happened. Papa Lee softly smiles, joy filling his heart seeing his daughter so happy. Thanks in advance Yours, Mrs. Yup u right about that that type of girl u dont see everyday who is sweet nice caring and cares about the people and dong yi she still the best I just finished watching Dong Yi. Papa Lee goes to a PC Room and pecks away at the keyboard to look up the address of the Kang residence.

We will never know what truly happened in history, nor will we know if Jang and Sukjong really shared a true romance. Well, I can answer the Woo-jae question: Extending it would just multiple the continuous conflicts and silliness that runs rampant in this story.

Did Dong Yi and King Sukjong really have a long romance?

Taken aback, he asks Seo-young and his parents what is going on, and President Kang informs him that they called Seo-young. HOpefully, i’ll warm up to him in the next few eps.


If he feels this way, how must Seo-young feel? I’d hate to see crucial stuff get rushed after they spent so much time embelishing the early parts of the story. Currently the station is in talks with the actors dramacrzzy extend their contracts, and is pushing hard for the added episodes. If you want to know the real history of the characters I suggest you to look for drxmacrazy, in internet you can find plenty of webs where you can look up. Kang Yoo Mi Supporting Cast. Bae Soo Bin Main Cast.

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Do ng — yi yi-san and bo dongg Jing jing from Chinese drama is the best among all historical drama. She epixode attractive and also, it eposode a wise political move by Sekyong. Strong woman who will fyt for what she knew was right. Sukjong died in and then gyeongjong reigned and then Yeongjo Dear Javabeans Thanks for the news but to me both dramas are already too long and hope there will not be any extension.

Before that he was just the son of a concubine and the king illegitimate son after Inwon adopted him, he became a son between Queen and KIng legitimate Son so could inherited the crown.

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