Life in the harem was not that easy. Instead, the poison accumulates inside the body and the person suddenly gets sick. I hope to see Young do a comeback like that too, though not in those same words. He just wants to win. They charge, and Young easily knocks them down and grabs a sword, taking care to hit his men with the flat of the blade. Suppressing his emotions up to a point where he no longer feels or cares.

They look lovely and a perfect fit. Sin Ui English title: Both with tears and longing. Reply The Sunset Goddess November 6, at 4: Eun-soo offers to turn herself in if push comes to shove so he can run away. And he’ll beat the hell out of a member of the royal family for daring to hurt her.

She breathed in, contentment seeping through every fiber of her being. Ivoire October 2, at 6: It’s true that when CY is with ES he is somewhat shy.

Young’s arms were wrapped around her from behind, his face buried into her hair. Seabiscuit September 26, at 6: I love these ones. My fav first kiss quote by Emil Ludwig: I have read quite a bit of your comments through the episodes and I did agree with much of what you said too.

Most of the fighting scenes and the kissing scene. I see others agree with me – this was a romantic, dreamy epic drama episode.

Faith: Episode 14 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

It’s like when one has a healthy friend and suddenly wow, the sickness lays them low. Deok Heung replies yes. I would miss you a lot.

He might be a warrior but as a man he is naive and unable to figure out the modern woman.

Title is no lie. Perhaps he is so touchy and hypersensitive that he chafes under the power of the Yuan while a more intelligent indifferent king would have been more practical. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She is from the 21st century, so she doesn’t have the same hang-ups and concepts of what is proper and I understand that, and also that it is part of her personality.


She breathed in, contentment seeping through every fiber of her being. I don’t think that the king and queen would like a general with curly hair. I just loved everything about ep10 and ep The myth lives on and on, so that people like Jo Il-shin knows.

Hopefully I am able to read the Faith novel as well. Click for more Faith goodies here. He pulls it out, meanwhile his heartbeat is getting steadier. Now back to the drama.

Faith: Episode 15 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I don’t know how, but I’ve reached the point where Faith is my favorite currently running show. How about if ES get hurt? Suppressing his emotions up to a point where he no longer feels or cares. Things become circular where there is no beginning or dramcarazy.

Lady Choi arrives that evening to talk to Young, who asks after Woodalchi, sighing that he taught them to fight better than that. He gave a smirk as she leaned back to look at him; his hooded gaze meeting hers, passion burning behind them.

신의 Faith (Korean Drama)

She had the most concerned expression he has ever seen on her face: I’d love to see that. He’s kind of a girl that way. Therefore, if Gongmin truly wanted to be a good king and leader of a country that wouldn’t bow down to Yuan anymore, he should denounce the seal from Yuan and instead create a new seal, that would be Goryeo’s own.

Deok Heung gets up to remind Gongmin that Gongmin is here to judge, not take sides.


The Great Doctor

But the portal is already closed. One moment of happiness for the main couple equals hours of anguish and sadness for them. Previously, I had NO CLUE about the important meaning of the king changing robes, and for this episode the fact that the king’s seal of office said pretty much that Goryeo was a puppet state, and the fiath was a puppet, too.

Most probably because he lacks faith.

Ki Chul walks closer to him and whispers into his ear if he would like to choose a king. So does anybody know when the DVD for “Faith” will be out?

Jo Il-shin tells Lee Jae-hyun that Eun-soo is from heaven and he saw it her come through the portal with his own two eyes. Joonni, great recap again: So how was your day? I have so many favorite scenes of King Gongmin e.

Let me know what you think. Hi, that was actually awesome to watch: The warrior makes a promise that he will return her to her world, but a scheming royal advisor persuades the king to force the surgeon to stay as she can be useful to him.

I have to see the episode, but I liked Eun Soo’s remarks about the notebook from ep 13, so I hope we get more and more answers If her presence is changing things, I want KC to die sooner than later.

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