While the analogy is only partial it is nonetheless highly suggestive. Exactly a century ago around this time, Vladimir Lenin was in Zurich completing a manuscript that would go on to become perhaps the most consequential book of the twentieth century. They should work with the teacher in creating knowledge. Under the bright sun, all sounds seem to dissolve into light, no residues, no gripes. The day Bhim Yatra which started from Dibrugarh and traversed 30 states and districts to reach Delhi is now over. New Delhi, June The abrupt demonetisation of and rupee notes by the Narendra Modi regime is a drastic move that is staggering in its scale, ambition and repurcussions.

I wish I had, although that would have made me hardly any worthier of speaking about him. The problem is that whatever it says through its diplomats abroad — and with however much energy — the world insists on perceiving Pakistan as an ideological state wedded to exporting jihad. Most important, the Constitution of India requires the government of India to have no religion. Qawwalis can be deadly. In , a Pakistani film-maker called Akhtar Kardar directed a film called Jago Hua Savera The Day Shall Dawn , which brought together creative film-making talent across the Indian subcontinent the way it used to before Independence in , and which is now fast becoming unimaginable. A form of fascism reminiscent of Nazi Germany is being enacted in India today. The Yamuna Expressway scoops up the car from Noida, on the outskirts of Delhi, and deposits you at the other end where a forked market-lined road eventually leads to Aligarh.

On reading mkvie the assault on the Army base in Uri, I thought of Ashwatthamma sneaking into the enemy camp under cover of darkness, setting tents alight, burning to death a generation of Pandava princes. He sparked a storm in the academic community with his allegation that his political ideology had him a target of nurhan Narendra Modi government.

In we had already lost Hari Burhqn. The weakness of the Indian judicial system, which has rarely brought to justice anyone other than mere foot soldiers, in cases of communal violence, is well known. These women have one very fundamental and seemingly simple demand — entry to the shrines.


He forgot that the law has no religion and that the law is above the government in power.

The BJP has gone from five seats in the assembly polls of to around 60 in It developed into a hostage situation, with the assailants exchanging gunfire with the police.

We begin by wishing our readers a Happy Deepavali. I thought the Muslims were the only anti nationals in this country. Indian scholar Ananya Vajpeyi examines the way the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party is using Sanskrit to advance a Hindu burhsn agenda. Unsavory and murderous, he may have been, but a principled opposition to the death penalty, even for convicted murderers, should be our position as human rights activists.

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The people of Kashmir have made it clear once again, as they have done year upon year, decade upon decade, grave upon grave, that what they want is azadi. To pretend to extract non-existent gas requires extraordinary skill and sleight. This was a campaign where the BJP got the ingredients just right. They point out the anti-Sikh riots in in Delhi and other states; and various communal incidences that took place when Congress Party was in power.

When is a decision on a patent application not a decision at all?

New Delhi should consider the need for economic growth in U. Nationalism that developed in India during the anti-colonial struggle was sui generis, an altogether new phenomenon the tahru of which the thagu had not seen earlier.

She senses that her vagina is bleeding. Be it the issue of beef eating, love jihad or rational thinking; these elements came down heavily on the values of Indian democracy, principles of Indian Constitution and atmosphere of amity nurtured by Indian thafu for centuries.

While the analogy is only partial it is nonetheless highly suggestive. Today, more than four decades later, the nightmare is playing out again. The Maoists walk the forests, keeping watch on the security forces, who have now taken to camping in the jungles, ostensibly to keep watch on the Maoists.

The vicious killing of another secular activist in Bangladesh is a grave reminder that the authorities are failing to protect people exercising their right to freedom of expression, Amnesty International said.


Select Year Month: Budhan news reports went as far as calling the cow belt of India a tinderbox of communal violence. However, the US State Department certainly recognized this reality when it opted to deny Modi a diplomatic A-2 visa in and continued to do so thereafter.

With the statements of the Sadhvis, Sakhis and Yogis the atmosphere of burhna towards minorities saw a peak of sorts.

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On May 18, Canada finally apologized for the Komagata Maru episode. AIDWA strongly condemns the heinous attack unleashed by the winning Trinamul Congress activists on the women activists in West Bengal as part of post-poll result violence.

It is an irony of history that P.

As she licked honey from a fingertip, she could not hold back her tears. Barring a mvie desultory and soon abandoned moves to set up counselling centres neither the UGC nor the universities acted on the order. In light of the ongoing unrest in the Kashmir Valley, the dogs of war strained to be let out. Burhzn less did she have the makings of vurhan political and social icon that she has rapidly become in the four days since her death.

Opening her eyes after a million light years, Draupadi, strangely enough, sees sky and moon. We will uproot these mullahs Muslims from the roots and throw them away. The mass murder in a public park, evidently aimed primarily at Christians celebrating Easter, in the full knowledge that a large proportion of the victims would be children, epitomises the mindless brutality of forces unleashed almost four decades ago. Then soon, there will be no India, nor any of its connoisseurs.

On July 15th, Qandeel Baloch, a popular social thari celebrity in Pakistan was brutally murdered by her own brother in a horrific case of honor killing.

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