And she isn’t afraid to also tell her opinion on this. The last few books have gone down the rabbit hole, and this book feels like it is getting back on track. Why do you all look like extras from a B-movie vampire set? No respectable woman in her thirties talks this way to others. This notwithstanding, I didn’t hesitate in scooping up the first in the series, a lovely pink and purple book. The ending with Betsy and him Sinclair was cleverly amusing and I didn’t see it from a mile away. Jj Books pinned post 14 Dec

I mean there wasn’t a whole lot of substance but thats kind of what I liked about it. She was really fun, and I loved how she eventually embraced being a vampire, and how she learned how to find blood, what to do about all that male attraction that is happening now she is a vampire yep, this girl got all the boys and dogs flocking to her , and many other things. There is nothing that warns you about what is contained within the pages of this story. Can you please re-upload 13? Dirty Rotten Billionaire seems to be the officially released title. View all 47 comments. Marlene Hurter pinned post 17 Oct

A queen betsy novel epub, txt, djvu, doc, pdf formats. One of Sinclair’s people tells her he’s feeding with his “ladyfriends,” and takes her to an observation area to watch Sinclair feed on and have sex with three women. Jill Mcg ynwed post 6 Aug She couldn’t even remember names.

Then she gets killed by a sliding car whilst chasing after her errant cat. Seroes, the book was okay. The last few books have gone down the rabbit hole, and this book feels like it. First she loses her job thankfully she didn’t like it that much, and I loved her chat about how the company would fall apart now and how she loved thatthen she gets killed in a car accident in the weirdest wayand then she wakes up in the morgue. Undead Queen Betsy 05 – Undead and Unpopular.


This notwithstanding, I didn’t hesitate in scooping up the first in the series, a lovely pink and purple book. Some weird creatures attack Betsy one night, a few months later she is ran over and dies. Aug 05, Mehsi rated it it serjes amazing Shelves: Anyone who has Claiming his baby by Nikki Chase? But it never came. I loved her best friend, Jessie, and the sidekick Mark who seemed adorable in almost every way.

Undead and unwary epub books

Undead Queen Betsy 14 – Undead and Unforgiven. Personally, I don’t have the shoe-fetish that we woman are all supposed to have. She is a newbie vampire with extraordinary abilities. Can someone please assist with Paige North: Just choose the right Prada heels and so. Jill Mcg pinned post 12 Jun Undead Queen Betsy 13 – Undead and Unwary.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I found out it was based in the Twin Cities where we all live, it had some witty and entertaining writing and it had been compared to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, which is my favorite television show of all time. Next up is Marc, a guy that Betsy saves. She gets laid off from work and then hit by a car and smashed into a tree. Undead and Unwed stayed alive with active pacing.

It’s not a deep or complicated urban fantasy or anything. View all 3 comments. It’s the first book of the series, so it’s absolutely fine. Ce caterinca de carte.


Download undead and unworthy or read online books in pdf, epub, tuebl, and mobi format. At least the author knows her character is a raving brat and tries to run sedies it. I would like to see how Betsy further deals with her new status as a vampire with scruples and designer shoes, but assume that all the subsequent books in this series would be written in the same style as this first one was.

I especially grew errr, warm, with the scene of him in the alley and at the beginning with the finger. It takes a six-year-old to point out to unwer that she’s got fangs and is a vampire.

I actually had higher hopes when I started unnwed one. I must have missed that day in Femaling Vy Smbln pinned post 28 Nov They were interesting together especially since she hated him and also was attracted to him at the same time. Betsy has had a bad day.

Drinking Clorox, jumping head first off a high rise, drinking holy water, and sleeping in the sun to name a few. It’s not much to ask, LOL.

Undead and Unwed (Undead, #1) by MaryJanice Davidson

Tiea Rudyk pinned post 31 Jul Books by MaryJanice Davidson. My only problem was that she was too vane and shallow most of the time. Almost not I am sure not many can top Betsy’s week from hell. She dislikes other characters for no apparent reason.

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