He also gathered the remains of the Witsalnamitea masks from an abandoned lab and gave them to his own specially chosen warriors in the process of building his empire. The emperor only sees the kemonomimi as comforting but unsettling fakes, and he will probably want to use Haku in some way to promote the revival of “true humans. Ukon Supporting Tone, Kentarou Japanese. Now the emperor rules the nation with an iron fist to protect the not-humans he made himself from all other not-humans, and he intends to use his potentially even-more-immortal brother Haku to bring his rule to new heights somehow. Itsuwari no Kamen Episode 16 Discussion 1 2 3 4 5 Stark This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! As the group rests and regroup, they decide the Boro-Gigiri must be slain for the safety of their village. Where’s the anger, fear, betrayal, or just plain confusion from Haku at being forced to see his closest friend as a mass murderer, however justified he might have been?

At night, they are almost out of the forest, when they heard someone screamed. As the forces of Emperor Kuuya descend upon Tusukuru’s capital, Hakuoro realizes that evacuation would take longer than they have and decides to sacrifice himself in an attempt to draw their attention. At this point, the best I can hope is that it will be a better waste of time in its final stretch than it was in its first two-thirds. He quickly glues it back together, but it’s a very sloppy job. Kuuya and Hakuoro have a long talk about the world they live in and the state of affairs. With the help of the rebels and Genjimaru’s military command, the Tusukuru empire stops Kunnekamun and soon turns the tables of the war. As Haku asks Ukon what he plans to do, a cool-headed Ukon admits it was all a plot to capture the bandits while at the meantime, the ‘missing bunch’ from the group have already started making their move. Game Reviews Columns incl.

As swarms of Gigiris fall for the trap, Maroro finishes them off using thaumaturgy magic. I’m more excited to see the show reach its conclusion now that I finally understand where it’s headed especially if we get to see more of the Tusukuru characters!

Maroro appears and offers help but to no avail with Kokopo having utaqarerumono save the “damsels” in distress in transporting the buckets.

On the other side of the bath, Ukon asks Haku what he is going to do now that he has reached the capital but Haku is lax about the whole situation and instead jokes if Nekone is really his sister. As Maroro worries about the safety of his comrades, Rurutie asks Haku how he is able to trust Ukon so easily admitting jealousy.


He eventually manages to finish all the study materials and Kuon finally allows him to take a day off. Episode 16, like so many episodes before it, was just a waste of everyone’s time, and the less said about it, the better.

Then in middle of the road, they encounter a woman whose cart has been stuck in a rut. This classic supernatural samurai adventure thd hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! Hakuoro and the others went looking for her. Hide Ads Login Sign Up.

The episode begins with the fate of Kuuya being revealed. He offered himself up as patient zero for the True Human Project, going into cryogenic sleep for the treatment. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. After the credits, the group, having regrouped and recuperated, finally arrive at Yamato. After a climatic battle and the final pieces of Hakouro’s past being revealed, Hakouro makes a very difficult decision that will forever affect the future.

This Week in Games – Reanimated Feb 21, With its size, Touka assumed that it is the spirit of the river. The first heavy defeat in battle with Kuuya in the previous episode slows down the war.

Back at the palace, Kurou ytawarerumono Kamyu and Yuzuha. Retrieved August 23, With the sun about to set, Haku and the girl are confronted again by their pursuer but the situation take a turn for the better when Haku jokingly questions the authenticity of the pursuer who refuses to facea off his mask and reveal his true intentions for his action. The group are forced to retreat as more Gigiris start appearing. In his not-defense, the emperor has apparently sent generals to passive-aggressively threaten Tusukuru for the location of Hakuoro’s remains a few times, so he does know something about the Iceman.

Uruuru Supporting Sakura, Ayane Utawarerumno. The series aired in Japan between April 3 and September 25, However, Haku is able to keep the customers at bay surprising Nekone.

Now the emperor rules the nation with an iron fist to protect the not-humans he made himself from all utawareurmono not-humans, episodee he intends to use his potentially even-more-immortal brother Haku to bring his rule to new heights somehow.

Although he remains skeptical of his own plan, the effervescent Kuon agrees and sets of to lure the tatari leaving Haku, Ukon and Maroro to lure the Boro-Gigiri. Ukon orders the wounded to fasle to the village whilst Kuon, Maroro and the reluctant Haku are asked to stay.

Hakuoro gains more men at his command and once again has a battle involving Benawi and the men he commands. Their fight was interrupted when the baby cries. Touka went to fish for breakfast.


When the creature tries to follow him, it is swallowed whole by the red slime. Hakuoro tries to find another way to attain victory. Haku asserts, instead of having to work, they can live off from the cash Ukon had offered to them earlier.

Reddit – anime – [Spoilers] Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen – Episode 24 [Discussion]

But in terms of actual meaningful discussion, it’s mostly going to be episode News News chronological archives As Haku questions what he just witnessed, Ukon greets and invites him to his place along with Kuon. A powerful mercenary is brought utawarerumoni the castle and held captive until she is able to show her worth as a fighter and joins Hakuoro’s army.

After a while, Benawi found where they are fishing. Add to My List.

After this revolutionary yet blandly presented twist-dump lands in Haku’s lap, he goes home to Kuon and asks her what she thinks family means. When Urutori heard of the news, she ran away with the baby.

They arrive at an alley and it appears the girl is actually running away from home to live in freedom and that the pursuer was actually sent to retrieve her by her dad. Several Onkami come to Hakuoro’s castle as arbitrators, and to gather more information on his new country – Tusukuru. New questions arise in his mind: On the other hand, Kuon and Nekone begin to search for a specific person with Rurutie remaining on stand-by at the inn while Haku and the girl begin visiting best spots in the capital for couples.

[Spoilers] Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen – Episode 24 [Discussion]

Shinonon Supporting Kuno, Misaki Japanese. Retrieved from ” https: This week, Nick and Andy find out how this influential story has held up in The bandits leave but the group remains calm, having seemingly anticipated the commotion.

Unlike his predecessor Hakuoro, he doesn’t bare his soul to his love interest the character we’re most invested in his relationship with. In response to continued attacks, Tusukuru is forced to declare war on them. Mukkuru suddenly appeared and helped them. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22,

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